Cosmetics and luxury goods Logistics

Cosmetics and luxury goods Logistics

Plentiful experiences

We have 2-decade experience in cosmetics logistics and have served 10 more than international brands.


Computer aid picking system

The light picking specified by the system advances the efficiency and reduces the error rate to 0.05% in coordination with the audit system.


Batch code control

Batch codes are recorded as products arrived the warehouse. FIFO or FEFO allocation code is controlled by WMS automatically.


Humidity and temperature control

Air-conditioned storage areas are equipped with the indicator of temperature and humidity as to ensure the optimal storage condition.


All-channel distribution

Inlandwide delivery service to department stores, free standing stores, medical and cosmetics stores and door-to –door delivery by cooperation with various transportation companies.


Services value-added

Label production

■ Label management

■ Invoice issuing

■ Labeling

■ Assembling

■ Quality check

■ Disassembling


Contact us

Personnel: Sara Su


Address: No. 2, Minshuan Rd., Luchu Township, Taoyuan County

TEL: (03) 358-1112 #3602

FAX: (03) 317-3393

地址:桃園市大園區園航路57號 電話:(03)386-5585 傳真:(03)386-9388

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